gALGO BULLISH BOUNTY 3.0 – 30k gALGO in prizes!


The closing of the current Algorand Community Governance period is near, and for the occasion of the beginning of the new Governance cycle we are happy to announce the gALGO BULLISH BOUNTY 3.0, an excellent opportunity to increase Algorand’s TVL and boost the ecosystem with 30k gALGO in prizes!

Submit your best strategy on the Algo Liquid Governance and try to grab the prize! 


Start: Saturday, October 1st, 2022 (13:00 EST )

Win a share of 30k gALGO helping people participate in Algo Liquid Governance and creating strategies with gALGO; remember, if people participate in governance through DeFi protocols, the TVL grows!

Show your friends and followers how to use Folks Finance through a creative Video tutorial, an Article on the web or via Twitter Thread.

The best entries chosen according to the rules and the community votes will share a total prize pool of 30,000 gALGO!

Submission deadline: Friday, October 17th, 2022 (23:00 EST)

What is gALGO?

gALGO is an Algo twin given at a one-to-one ratio to the Governors who commit their Algos via Folks Finance.

Users are free to use gALGOs as they wish, i.e., to deposit them in the gALGO/fgALGO pool and lock them in as collateral to apply for a loan or move them outside Folks Finance, i.e., to make a liquidity match on a DEX, etc. Using more of the protocol’s features in this challenge offers a better chance of winning. Discover all the features and use cases of gALGO through our interactive map that shows the gALGO ecosystem.

In the last months, gALGO’s use cases have been rapidly expanding and we are curious of what extraordinary strategy you will invent this time!

How to participate


Two different video challenges and two writing challenges to include our entire community.



PRO Category 57% of the prize (17k)

  • Channel with a specific focus on the Blockchain industry
  • Minimum of 1 year in business and 20 videos about blockchain, DeFi etc.


    AM Category 18% of the prize (5,5k)

    • Generalist channel or edited by newcomers to the blockchain, DeFi etc.
    • Minimum 1 year of activity and 10 videos in total


    Please Note: Algorand focused channels are admitted as of right to the PRO category (at least 5 videos about Algorand priors to the bounty launch)



    Twitter Thread 10% (3k)

    • One Winner: 3k gALGO


    Web Article 15% (4.5k)

    • Online Newspaper with specific focus on the Blockchain industry (direct publication on the site) or Blockchain.



    Rules VIDEO Challenges


    1. Create and upload your video on
    2. Include “Folks Finance” somewhere in the title.
    3. Include our main website in the video description.
    4. Include your YT video in a tweet & tag @FolksFinance.
    5. Use the hashtag #AlgoLiquidGovernance in your tweet.


    Any native language is accepted, but you need to include English subtitles in your video if it is not English.


    Rules TWITTER THREAD Challenge:


    1. Twitter your thread on
    2. Include “Folks Finance” somewhere in the title.
    3. Include our main website in the thread.
    4. Tag @folksfinance and 3 friends.
    5. Include #AlgoLiquidGovernance in your tweet.


    Rules ARTICLE Challenge


    1. The article must be themed on Folks Finance and Algo Liquid Governance.
    2. Include “Folks Finance” somewhere in the title.
    3. Include our main website in the article.
    4. Include gALGO and the Algo Liquid Governance features in the article.


    The high-quality content (thread, video, article) will be displayed on Folks Finance’s official social media; joining our contest, you agree about the above.


    Please note: Only one entry will be accepted per category. Multiple entries from the same person in the same category will be disqualified. Instead, a person can participate by submitting a strategy in a video and in an article, increasing his chances to win a prize, but the same person will not be awarded more than once; we want to reward the efforts of as many people as possible.